O’Neal Industries Preparing For 100th Anniversary

BIRMINGHAM, AL  One of the largest, oldest, and most diversified U.S. companies serving the worldwide metals marketplace is preparing to celebrate a milestone in its heralded history. O’Neal Industries (ONI) will mark its 100th continuous year in business in 2021. ONI companies provide products and services across the metals industry, ranging from carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty alloy products to complex manufactured components and tubing.

As a family-owned force for nearly a century, the company has worked its way through the Great Depression, two World Wars, countless other military conflicts, numerous recessions, a constantly evolving customer landscape, fierce competition domestically and internationally, giant leaps in technology, and now a global pandemic. In between and throughout these challenges, O’Neal Industries has forged ahead – dedicated to a solid business philosophy and company culture that began with founder Kirkman O’Neal in 1921.

“My grandfather understood the value of reputation,” said Craft O’Neal, third-generation Chairman of O’Neal Industries. “He was committed to maintaining consistent quality and exceeding customer expectations in terms of both product and service. That alone might have been enough to be successful, but he went further than that. He believed in building relationships, working with customers through good times and bad, and treating employees like family. That’s the foundation of our culture and a major strength of our brand today. I believe that approach, combined with aggressive growth strategies that began with my father, as well as continuing diversification, are why we’re about to celebrate our centennial.”

As the parent organization of a diverse network of companies, ONI was formed in 2008 to manage and support a synergistic portfolio of businesses. The oldest among them is Birmingham-based O’Neal Steel, which was founded by Kirkman O’Neal as Southern Steel Works almost 100 years ago. Commemorative and celebratory events are planned for 2021 – to the extent possible due to COVID-19. These will include a multi-day gathering and gala in Birmingham with representatives from all ONI companies.

O’Neal Industries 100th Anniversary Announcement