For over 100 years, O’Neal Industries has adapted to the changing world around us. Whether diversifying our product lines, expanding our geographic footprint, or providing value-added services, we have continuously listened to our customers and focused our efforts on how we can make their lives easier. As expected, the world around us has shifted again and customers now want the same online experience and capabilities in business transactions that they have in their personal lives. Well, we’ve listened and have created the premier online B2B experience in the metals industry.

PRONTO® Technology is a game-changer for you, your business, and ultimately gives you back some of your most precious commodity – your time.


What can PRONTO® Technology do for you?

  • Easy, seamless, and positive buying experience.
  • 24/7 access to view inventory and your account.
  • Immediate access to pricing, documents, and quote and order history.
  • Ability to add favorites enabling you to easily find the items you need.
  • Easily convert a quote into an order.
  • Delivery notification emails.

We will continue to listen and provide you, our customers, with the best experience in the Industry. And as old as we are, we’re just getting started; with an eye on technology, always looking ahead, and preparing for the future.