Dyndrite and UPM Partner to Bring Data Intelligence to Metal 3D Printing Build Plates

First of its kind effort brings intelligence to critical, yet often ignored, 3D printing component.

Companies will work together to capture and provide the data that unlocks the variables to build plate life.

Brings supply chain predictability and reliability to new and resurfaced build plates.


Seattle, WA., May 02, 2023. Dyndrite, providers of the core Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) and Application Development Kit (ADK) used to create next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, today announced that UPM Additive Solutions, one of the leading suppliers of metal build plates across the additive industry, has entered into a joint agreement to create “smart” metal build plates for the 3D metal printing industry.


The build plate is an integral component in metal 3D printing. It lays the foundation for every part being built. Unfortunately, most users in the space do not record key data that can unlock the mystery around the lifecycle and history of their build plates. Without this information, for example, Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) users face an increased risk of powder leveling issues, internal fatigue, and plate warpage that can lead to lost time and costly build failures.


“UPM is excited to partner with Dyndrite and its metal users to unlock the keys to build plate life”, said Chris Prue, UPM Additive Solutions. “Through data, we can put knowledge in the hands of the user to raise throughput and reduce failures. Build plate usage data helps customers understand and manage their usage and demand for plates to keep costs low while keeping inventory available to reduce downtime. Through smart build plates and a reliable supply chain, we can collectively mature and grow the industry.”


“For the AM production industry to scale we must develop new tools to enable it.  By working with UPM and leveraging the power of machine data we can accelerate learning, improve predictability, and grow,” said Harshil Goel, founder and CEO, Dyndrite. “Through insights of the data we allow users to make less risky decisions on their build plates to assure success.”


UPM currently offers subscription-based services to track build plates from initial manufacture to customer and through its refurbishment.  Each plate is serialized and maintains accessible quality inspection data. Smart Build Plate customers can view build data associated with each plate from the machine (pre-heat, laser power, powder melted, heat treatment, stress relief) along with other conditions that the build plate will be exposed to.


The UPM Smart Build Plate service will support all major Metal 3D printer OEMs, including Aconity, EOS, Renishaw and SLM Solutions, and is expected to roll out in Q3 2023.

For more information visit: https://www.upmet.com/additive-manufacturing