O’Neal Industries (ONI) is a family of closely related companies, all engaged in the metals industry. Providing products and services that range from steel beams and plates to specialty alloys and complex manufactured components, ONI supplies customers across a variety of industries worldwide. Together, our companies – Leeco Steel, Locate SuppliesO’Neal Manufacturing Services, O’Neal Steel, Stainless Tubular Products, TW Metals and United Performance Metals – represent the United States’ largest family-owned metals service center.

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Leeco Steel

Leeco Steel (Leeco) stocks and sells steel plate, maintaining one of the largest inventories of carbon, High Strength Low Alloy [...] Learn More

O'Neal Manufacturing Services

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is a supplier of fabricated metal components and welded assemblies. OMS provides highly integrated, comprehensive manufacturing solutions [...] Learn More

O'Neal Steel

O’Neal Steel, founded in 1921, is the United States’ largest family-owned, full-line metals distributor and service center.  Headquartered in Birmingham, [...] Learn More

Stainless Tubular Products

Stainless Tubular Products (STP) is a specialty stainless steel tubing and pipe supplier, providing nickel alloy, tubing, pipe, fittings and [...] Learn More

TW Metals

TW Metals (TW) is a full-line specialty metals distributor serving customers in aerospace, nuclear, fabrication, energy, transportation, and many other [...] Learn More

United Performance Metals

United Performance Metals (UPM) is a global distributor of high-performance metals serving customers in a variety of industries, including aerospace, [...] Learn More